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Si (pronounced “Sy”) Djahedi was educated in France, in Canada, and in the USA. He is fluent in multiple languages and has a great love for people, as well as for varying cultures. He brings this rich cultural experience into his architectural  expertise, and believes that architecture and living spaces form beautifully within a diversity of cultures and climates across the planet. As of 1998, then, he has been established in Arizona, where he has been working for several architectural firms as project designer, project architect and project manager. He has realized several landmark projects in the USA, Canada, and Dubai.

Si has been a member of The American Institute of Architects since 2010. Given his international background and his keen interest in green architecture, he established Green Project Advisors, LLC in 2011, specializing mainly in of advisory services to other firms regarding how to plan a green project, as well as in research, and in the consultation and the offering writing of original essays and articles.

Si authored “A Proposed Process: Comprehensive Design for the Environment and Understanding An Owner’s Sustainable Project” upon which the philosophy of his firm is founded. In 2013, his firm evolved into Green Project Architects, PLLC, with professional consultants specializing in green/eco-sensitive building, providing full architectural design services using Building Information Modeling Technology, and offering advisory services. Si believes his firm is capable of designing any project in any location of the USA and abroad, using easy access to information with an eagerness to compete in the Global economy.

Si sees himself as a thinker and as a practical architect seeking to realize what makes sense in terms of the project budget and its program. He believes honesty is the first step to success, and that beauty is an integral part both of sustainability and of that which is clean and green. Profitability is just the result of a coherent design, of its wise and beautiful use, of attention to details, energy efficiency, operation cost and durability in a project, while making full use of every available resource. His approach in any project starts with respecting and understanding context, people’s needs, and what makes sense. He targets a win-win situation and profitability for all parties involved. Everybody has to win.

Having over 25 years of experience in diverse types of projects, he continues to be an avid full-time researcher and problem-solver, thinking both out-of-the box and in-the-box, always looking for a better solution in a project, not only to create and to build, but to also succeed.

He finds great happiness in his heritage and experiences, in his family, and in his work. Says Si, “I love what I do! As Khalil Gibran says, ‘Work is love made visible.’ I so agree.”



    • NCARB Certification, National Council of Architectural Certification Board
    • Licensed Architect, State of Arizona, Board of Technical Registration
    • Certified Sustainable Building Advisor, CSBA, Sustainable Building Advisor Institute, SBAi
    • LEED AP BD+C, Green Building Certification Institute, GBCI




    • Accredited Bachelor degree in Architecture, University of Montreal, Canada, 1995
    • Certificates in Urban Studies and Architecture, NJ Institute of Technology & The Pratt Institute 91-92
    • Diploma of Fundamental Studies in Architecture, School of Architecture of Nantes, France, 1986
    • Revit Architecture Basic and Advanced Certificate of completion, Phoenix College, Arizona 2010
    • Fundamentals in Revit 2014 at CadSoft in Tempe Arizona, September 2013




    • Through our consultant network, all consultants will be selected at design stage upon their filed, qualification, availability and their proposal.


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