The Palms

The Palms is a gated community planed for 378 houses on 38 acres land at South Country Club Drive in Mesa Arizona, a total of 126 unites combination of 3 houses 2 story with a common drive with distinct entrance for each house.

Dense landscaping and concrete pavers driveways providing a mix of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The material and colors of Palms are a mix of earth tone finish stucco, dark window and light color Spanish roof.

Mixed-Use Development

Jefferson and 14th Street Phase (1) project in Downtown Phoenix is a competition organized by Urban Land Institute in Arizona, entitled: Shark Thank Proposal. 

Architect Team: Dave Lindquist architect, Oscar De Las Salinas architect / designer and Green Project architects.

Site: Jefferson Street between 14 and 13 street.

Site Area: 2.2 Acres

Proposed project: Mixed-used


The Pavilions Desert Ridge development was a 224 unit luxury apartment complex on 7 acres between the existing 

Desert Ridge Market Place and Marriott timeshare complex in North Phoenix Arizona.

There are a total of 16 building each three story medium density type combined parking under units.

The basic contemporary style of Pavilions composed by dense landscaping and rustic concrete pavers

driveways providing a mix of pedestrian and vehicular traffic along tree lined drives.

The material and colors of the pavilions are a mix of earth tone stone veneer,

clean two colors medium sand finish stucco, large window and a dark colored standing seam meal roof that blends

to create contemporary urban residential living.