Nautilus Insurance

Nautilus Insurance Company: Three story office building, 80,000 sf with three story parking structure and a shading structure connecting both buildings in North Scottsdale Arizona.

Kovach Inc

Kovach Inc Headquarter: A sale and construction company that provides architectural metal panels and roofing system for the construction industry on a national basis. The corporate headquarters portions of the building will be a three-story office consisting of 27,783 SF and will contain offices for the corporate accounting, sales, and construction divisions of the company. 

The office area includes a three-story atrium space over the lobby and a three-story atrium with waterfall at the center point of the radius. the manufacturing facility consists of 39,030 SF of manufacturing, assembly, and metal product storage. The facility includes a truck drive through for loading and unloading of the product, and a dock high loading area in the south end of the building for general supplies. The exterior materials will consist of a combination of cast in place concrete and metal wall panels with a curved metal roof over the manufacturing facility.

Paradise Valley Marketplace

The existing property was to be developed as a retail shopping center. The project consist of four (4) buildings. Bldg. “A” is to have multi tenant shops, Bldg. “B” a specialty grocery store and shops, Bldg. “C” is to have multi tenant shops and Bldg. “D” is to be a single user building.

The development of this project was required the abandonment of Clinton street through the site and creation of a new cul-de-sac at its termination on the West property line. Also, it is proposed that the
alley along the North property line to be abandoned.