Site Analysis

Site Analysis Down Town Gilbert Arizona : Perception and visual interpretation On the arterial road of Gilbert road, downtown is visually defined between two penetrable edges: Rail road crossing on south side and Gilbert Road Crossing Trail or irrigation canal on the north side. Within this visual limit of downtown perception, Gilbert Road remains the major path of cars and pedestrians […]

Promote Sustainability

How do green building programs and policies promote the three E-s of sustainability? As we have evolved throughout the history of human kind, we have needed more room and infrastructures to accommodate a large number of people, therefore the creation of city was the result of that need; transforming the natural habitat into an environment […]

Nature and Indoor Environment

NATURE AND INDOOR ENVIRONMENT QUALITY Contrary to the most species humankind is borne in an indoor enclosed space and spends most of his life living and working at indoor environment. By openings through walls natural light was introduced, by burning wood, necessary heat for warming was provided and yet the desire for comfort remains as […]

Materials and the Environment

MATERIALS AND THE ENVIRONMENT Human species left cave building habitats elsewhere because there was not enough space to support the growth and the living conditions were unhealthy; lack of air quality due to activity within semi closed space. Even though they were protected from rain, wind, cold and wild animals, yet there was a need […]

Energy Site Management

ENERGY SITE MANAGEMENT EQUATION & A PROPOSED PROCESS TO ESTABLISH ENERGY BALANCES ON SITE Solar energy is the source of life and the principal factor of evolution and its interaction with site massing remains inevitable. As we transform the natural environment to our needs, we introduce hard surfaces such as roads, walls, widows and roof; […]

Benefits and Pitfalls of Sustainability

What are the benefits and pitfalls of approaching sustainable building from a philosophical position? Throughout the endless process of evolution, the natural environment has been evolving in the course of self sustained stages in order to reach the next level of evolution. The very first creatures had to have an environment in which sustained the […]