Nature and Indoor Environment


Contrary to the most species humankind is borne in an indoor enclosed space and spends most of his life living and working at indoor environment. By openings through walls natural light was introduced, by burning wood, necessary heat for warming was provided and yet the desire for comfort remains as a continuous effort.With precision and control through advanced technology mankind reached the thermal comfort level of interior environment today and yet as we evolve toward, our living space also should respond to our needs and comfort level. Comparing living conditions of caveman to the living condition of man in technology information era, we realize indeed we have evolved, we have made mistakes and we need to correct them to reach the next level of evolution.

Comfort level to human living condition is extremely complex and depends on many variables such as thermal, acoustic, visual and ergonomic comfort. The quantity of air is essential to living human but when it is consumed the byproduct become a contaminated gas therefore the replacement is necessary to assure a healthy living condition. Air is a known as a composite gas and transports particles, humidity and it is the vehicle of solar energy. Not only we need a large quantity of air to live, we also need to consume the quality of it, indeed pure air is rare to find where the human population is concentrated. Industrialization has introduced pollution and noise into the environment, production of unimaginable industrial products disturbs the comfort level of human kind, materials off gas and affects our physical wellbeing, mental health and our productivity as well as the present and future generation survival, as result we have been disconnected with Mother Nature where all we come from, where we used freely clean air and clean water for thousands of years and now in contrast it has become a battle, even a law such as Clean Air Act, Clean water Act and ironically we have to struggle to gain back the rights that we used to have, it seems humankind is living in an environment in crisis.

The question remains what are alternatives to such a global tragedy;the free humankind is condemned to live in an unhealthy environment that he has created; is there another chance with Mother Nature? The answer is not simple to reach but surely lays in understanding natural laws, creation of primitive species, and the principal component of life, water coming from the heart of the Earth creating the atmosphere like a transparent enclosed envelope. Air was produced by interaction of solar energy and diluted chemical within water creating divers early vegetation species consuming carbon to produce oxygen and interestingly air remained within the atmosphere by gravity supporting life and evolution, therefore a solid base for creation of life was founded.As Mother Nature teaches us air and water are strongly related since they are basic component of life. Although the solution for air and water pollution is reduction and elimination of the pollution source, natural filters such as trees and vegetations play major role to restore healthy conditions for living creatures, also existence of water to support vegetation and trees is necessary to create an ecosystem in which water, air vegetation and sunlight all work together to create more of natural environment as it has been at the beginning of creation.

Since we have not been able to come up with an urgent solution to mitigate pollution crisis, mimicking nature would be would be one of the best alternative,connecting human to its roots, bringing nature to indoor environment and letting human to evolve but this time with nature. We should be aware that the air we breathe in is a precious gift of nature; we are privileged to drink water and fortunate to sit under the shade of a tree having blessing of sunlight.

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